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How to Approach Tight Tolerances in Complex CNC Machining

tight tolerances

In complex CNC machining, a standard tolerance of +/- 0.0050” is sufficient for most parts. When tighter tolerances are necessary, Reata Engineering can reliably hold tight tolerances of +/- 0.0005” before costs significantly increase.  However, we often see customers specifying tolerances of +/- 0.0002” and tighter when those tolerances aren’t necessary for the part’s function. […]

How Our Cutting-Edge Proactive Maintenance Program Benefits Customers


Machine malfunctioning isn’t just inconvenient—it can negatively impact part quality, too. In the weeks before machines visibly need repair, parts produced are prone to issues like chip build-up and subpar surface finishes. To combat this problem, Reata Engineering created a proactive maintenance program to keep machines in optimal operating condition. We stay two steps ahead […]

Machining vs. Extruding Heat Sinks: Which Option Is Better?

Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are vital elements in many electronic and mechanical systems. These parts manage heat in applications like computer CPUs and medical machinery, preventing them from overheating and malfunctioning. Heat is transferred from the component into the heat sink and then into the air through vertical fins. The fins increase the surface area from which […]

How Our Turnkey Assembly Services Benefit Customers

assembly services

Your precision machine shop may not be the first place you turn to for assembly services, but at Reata Engineering, we believe it should be.  Precision machining companies like Reata are well-equipped to manage your assembly process. From sourcing and machining components to managing inventory, we take the bulk of the work off your plate.  […]

DFM Tip: Why You Should Model to the Mean, Not the Nominal


When producing high volumes of the same part, slight variations are inevitable. Tolerancing is just one way we account for these variations.  However, a common misconception is that tolerances play the same role in prints and models.  On prints, tolerances indicate the measurements for your ideal part, indicating how much deviation is acceptable. But when […]

Our Software Increases Visibility for Contract Manufacturing Customers


Reata Engineering constantly looks for ways to improve customer experiences, from the precision machining processes we develop to the software we use. We invest in state-of-the-art software to inform customers about the statuses of their contract manufacturing orders. We’re excited to announce that we’re preparing to roll out a new dashboard for increased customer visibility […]

Why We Use Pre-Processed Parts for Complex CNC Machining Jobs

pre-processed parts

Let’s face it: customers don’t partner with Reata Engineering for our exceptional rectangular cut-outs.  Customers choose Reata because we specialize in complex CNC machining jobs that make other precision machine shops sweat. So we don’t want to make them pay premium prices for simple services.  That’s why, in many cases, we order pre-processed parts from […]

Reduce Contract Manufacturing Costs with Extrusion


Extrusion is an additive manufacturing process that involves heating a material and pulling it through a die to create a continuous length with the desired cross-section. The technique is similar to pushing Play-Doh through a mold. The formed length can then be sawed into sections. Additional machining operations may be necessary to add holes or […]

The Future of Contract Manufacturing Requires Your Participation


At Reata Engineering, we’re always looking forward. There’s no such thing as “good enough” at our Colorado machine shop—as soon as we get comfortable, we ask ourselves what we can do next.  This mentality is central to everything we do, from maintaining a summer internship program to giving shop tours to competing precision machine shops […]

How 5-Axis Machining Accelerates the Prototyping Process

5-Axis Machining

The manufacturing industry is entering the next generation of technology. Automation capabilities such as 5-axis machining and lights-out manufacturing are revolutionizing the way precision machine shops handle large part orders.  As always, Reata is one step ahead. At our Colorado machine shop, we’re leveraging our robust 5-axis technology to improve our prototype machining services. Keep […]