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The Future of Contract Manufacturing Requires Your Participation


At Reata Engineering, we’re always looking forward. There’s no such thing as “good enough” at our Colorado machine shop—as soon as we get comfortable, we ask ourselves what we can do next.  This mentality is central to everything we do, from maintaining a summer internship program to giving shop tours to competing precision machine shops […]

How 5-Axis Machining Accelerates the Prototyping Process

5-Axis Machining

The manufacturing industry is entering the next generation of technology. Automation capabilities such as 5-axis machining and lights-out manufacturing are revolutionizing the way precision machine shops handle large part orders.  As always, Reata is one step ahead. At our Colorado machine shop, we’re leveraging our robust 5-axis technology to improve our prototype machining services. Keep […]

5 Ways Reata’s Kanban Approach to Assembly Benefits Customers


At the heart of Reata Engineering’s assembly strategy is the kanban system.  Kanban is an inventory system developed by Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota production system. Successful application of kanban involves maintaining a stock of required parts for customers instead of waiting for an order to come through each time. At Reata, we […]

Use DFM Principles for Superior Prototype Machining Services

prototype machining

When beginning the prototyping process, many customers underestimate the importance of choosing an experienced contract manufacturing partner.  However, by actively collaborating with a knowledgeable shop from the start, customers can expedite product development, optimize costs, and ensure a smoother transition into production.  And don’t worry—It’s not too good to be true. It simply involves leveraging […]

DFM 101: 3 Reasons Reata Is a Superior DFM Partner

DFM 101

We believe in staying ahead of the curve because when we’re ahead, so are our customers. As a new generation of engineers enters the contract manufacturing industry in a period of rapid inflation, engineers and customers alike are seeking ways to decrease costs and simplify parts. Instead of sticking to tradition, we spent years perfecting […]

DFM 101: Getting Started with Design For Manufacturability

design for manufacturability

In precision machining, there is often a gap between design and manufacturing. What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate easily to the shop floor. In these cases, customers often spend valuable time and money on revisions and extensive back-and-forth communication with their manufacturing partner.  DFM, or Design for Manufacturability, bridges the gap between what’s […]

The Importance of a Complete PO in Precision Machining

Complete PO

Filling out a PO, or purchase order, is a standard task when working with a precision machine shop. Once you’ve submitted plenty of them, it’s easy to make a habit of rushing through them. After all, a PO is just for record-keeping, right? Wrong.  A PO is more than a commitment to purchase. The document […]

How Reata’s Software Investments Benefit Contract Manufacturing Customers


At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Reata puts customers first.  Even our behind-the-scenes decisions about software are made with customers in mind. We’ve invested significantly in our software these past few months, including upgrading our scheduling system to Fulcrum Pro and investing in Tableau, an analytics platform dedicated to empowering customers.  In […]

How to Use Datums to Get the Part You Want

How to Use Datums to Get the Part You Want

In precision machining, datums make everyone’s lives easier. Datums are lines, planes, or points that serve as a reference for consistently measuring and locating part features. These perpendicular reference points are often marked on a schematic with a boxed letter and an arrow. When used correctly, they ensure a part functions as intended. Precision machining […]

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary with a Look Back at How We Got Here

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary with a Look Back at How We Got Here

Here at Reata Engineering, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary as a trusted contract manufacturing company. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve grown to employ a team of 45 and invested in 15 CNC production machines. And we’re still going strong. Now, our services accommodate customers through the entire manufacturing process, from design to fulfillment. Our […]