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Optimize Your Part Through a
Collaborative Partnership

You need a manufacturer who won’t treat your parts as just another anonymous job, but
as a partner dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you succeed.


Effective Design for Manufacturing starts with optimizing your part designs for maximum performance at the lowest cost—but it doesn’t end there. With Reata, benefit from the insights of engineers who apply DFM techniques to optimize the entire production process.

Taking Ownership

Work with a manufacturer who delivers what they promise instead of excuses. A good partner takes ownership of every aspect of the machining and assembly processes: tolerance, sourcing, delivery, design, and everything else. Because when your manufacturer won’t take responsibility, it’s your customer who ends up paying the price.

A Focus on Long-Term Relationships

For a lasting and stress-free relationship, work with a supplier who will always return your calls, keep you up to date with all developments, and do what it takes to make things right whenever problems arise.

The Reata Difference

To keep your production line moving and producing a quality product, you need a manufacturing partner who’s as committed to you as you are to your customers. That’s why we’re the go-to choice for businesses specializing in complex medical products, semiconductor capital equipment, aerospace, defense, and industrial products.
Here’s how Reata’s contract manufacturing services can transform your business.

The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile. We clearly communicate every step of the way—even when we have to deliver bad news. And when problems emerge, we will work around the clock to minimize disruptions to you and your operations.

Custom Customer Service

Custom Customer Service. None of our expertise matters if we’re not doing exactly what you want the way you want it done. We will listen and customize our service to meet your evolving needs.

Unrivaled Skill

Unrivaled Skill. We don’t just leverage the latest automation technology to deliver parts of unrivaled quality—we have the engineering talent required to leverage each machine’s full capacity. With such talent and expertise, we work to produce your parts efficiently, reducing your costs and accelerating delivery time.

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