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Effective product assembly requires a comprehensive view of the whole assembly process and all the materials involved. So if you want to make sure your products are assembled the right way every time, you need to partner with someone who is an expert in every part of the process: sourcing materials, second sourcing materials, sourcing components, manufacturing parts, and planning the project, such that you get the entire assembly when you want it. We manage all aspects of the assembly, including critical relationships with external vendors and suppliers.

Reata’s Comprehensive
Product Assembly Services

There’s so much involved in developing an effective product assembly service. Each part has to be made to the right tolerance, materials must be reliably sourced, and everything must be in the right place at the right time for effective project management.
That’s why Reata doesn’t just take ownership of the whole assembly process: we also apply DFM techniques to each assembly project to make sure each product is made as efficiently as possible. With this optimization process, you’ll identify areas in your designs that may not be fully functional before they cause a problem for your customers.

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 Is Your Assembly Process as Optimized
as the Rest of Your Operations?

Too often companies focus on making each part and let product assembly be an afterthought. This can cost you dearly. If each part is made to the tolerance you want for the final product, you’ll find that the tolerance stack-up leaves you stuck with a product you can’t use.
And that’s if you can get all the materials you need in the first place. Reliable sourcing is a full-time job that demands its own form of expertise. Without the right partner for your product assembly, your product will never reach its full potential—no matter how good your designs are.

Reata Product
Assembly Delivers

A Stress-Free Experience

A Stress-Free

Let a team of experts take ownership of the full assembly process from design to delivery, so you never have to worry about late order fulfillments again.

“DFM” for the Assembly Process

“DFM” for the
Assembly Process

Let expert engineers analyze your designs to save you money without sacrificing functionality.

Reliable Sourcing


Leverage an existing network of stable relationships to make sure all your materials are on hand when you need them.

Elimination of Tolerance Stack-Up

Elimination of
Tolerance Stack-Up

Work with expert engineers who will hone your designs for each component part to ensure the final assembled product meets your requirements.

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