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If you want to stay competitive, you need to partner with a CNC machining services provider that holds itself to the same high standards you demand for yourself. That means you want a supplier who always seeks out the most challenging work at the same time that they look for ways to make each part in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Reata’s Comprehensive
CNC Machining

Our manufacturing is powered by leading-edge automation technology, and the team has the talent to take full advantage of every tool in our shop. We deliver complex parts other shops won’t even quote. We love parts with complex features, tight tolerances, and 5-axis geometries.  In addition, we have DFM expertise to efficiently produce your part without sacrificing performance.

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We deliver parts:

Ready to get the parts you need the way you need them and when you need them?

Do Your Manufacturing Partners Earn Your Trust?

You’re only going to serve your customers as well as your suppliers serve you, so you can’t afford to choose between on-time delivery and quality—you have to get both every single time, and not out-of-spec parts and endless excuses.


Design for Manufacturing Optimization

Design for Manufacturing

Send us your design and get more than just a quote. Leverage the DFM expertise of our engineers to ensure your part delivers all the functionality you need as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive Machining Services

Machining Services

Whether you want something simple or a part that involves complex angles, tight tolerances, and 5-axis geometries, get exactly the part you need.

Clear Communication


Stop working with manufacturers who only communicate when it’s convenient for them and refuse to tell you the truth when the news is bad.

On-Time Delivery


Don’t rely on manufacturers who leave you guessing until the last minute whether your parts will actually show up on time. Work with professionals who hit their deadlines—and who do whatever it takes to make things right whenever a problem emerges.

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