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Reata delivers comprehensive machining and assembly services backed by transparency, open communication, reliability, and, above all, expertise. We’re not just willing to do any job—we have the talent and technology to do just about any job and do it right the first time. That’s why we’re the manufacturer for so many businesses specializing in complex medical products, semiconductor capital equipment, aerospace, defense, and industrial products. So no matter your project, come talk to our team of creative engineers about how Reata can help. For us, the more challenging the better.


Our manufacturing is powered by leading-edge automation technology, and the team has the talent to take full advantage of every tool in our shop. We deliver complex parts other shops won’t even quote. We love parts with complex features, tight tolerances, and 5-axis geometries.  In addition, we have DFM expertise to efficiently produce your part without sacrificing performance.


Our full suite of contract manufacturing services includes electro-mechanical assemblies, subassemblies, sourcing of materials and hardware, tooling design and manufacturing, development of work instructions, special packaging design, and order fulfillment. We can handle any and all phases of your project, and will work with you to develop a timeline to deliver your product at the quality you require.

Your Company Is Only as Strong
as Your Manufacturing Partners

When your manufacturer is late with parts, it’s your operations that suffer. Worse, a lot of manufacturers won’t even tell you when there’s a problem or delay—instead, they overpromise and leave you in the lurch when they don’t deliver. With raw materials hard to source and reliable contract manufacturing services hard to come by, a single problem in your supply chain can impose months of disruption, so you need your partner to hold itself to the same high standards you demand for yourself.

The Reata Difference

To keep your production line moving and producing a quality product, you need a manufacturing partner who’s as committed to you as you are to your customers. Here’s how Reata’s contract manufacturing services can transform your business.

The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile. We clearly communicate every step of the way—even when we have to deliver bad news. And when problems emerge, we will work around the clock to minimize disruptions to you and your operations.

Custom Customer Service

Custom Customer Service. None of our expertise matters if we’re not doing exactly what you want the way you want it done. We will listen and customize our service to meet your evolving needs.

Unrivaled Skill

Unrivaled Skill. We don’t just leverage the latest automation technology to deliver parts of unrivaled quality—we have the engineering talent required to leverage each machine’s full capacity. With such talent and expertise, we work to produce your parts efficiently, reducing your costs and accelerating delivery time.

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We Want to Get in the Details with You

We know: every provider of contract manufacturing services says they’re different. It’s easy to say we’re special, too, but to see our excellence in action you need to let us get into the details with you. So let our engineers collaborate with your engineers on DFM to get you optimized parts on your timeline. our expert consultation is completely free and as precise as you need your finished products to be.

The Reata Process

The Reata

Our process is designed to leverage the full talent of our engineering team to get you the best possible product. Whether you want an immediate quote or a free analysis of your design from our engineers, the Reata Process will get you the results you need.


Tell us your goals and needs, and we’ll work together to develop a plan to get them accomplished.


Leverage our DFM expertise to refine your design, find the right materials, and determine the tolerance level that matches your goals before we prototype.


We manufacture and assemble your products efficiently to meet your quality and delivery requirements.


We deliver your finished product packaged to your specifications and shipped to the destination and method of your choice.


Just by talking with Reata, you can tell they're good at what they do, their communication is excellent, and they're eager to help


You know when you talk and deal with Reata that you can trust them. They’re good at what they do, the communication is excellent, and they’re willing to help.

Marianne Gregory

Buyer at Fresenius Kabi

Reata made the transfer from design to manufacturing seamless working collaboratively with our design engineering firm. At the end of that critical process, they delivered a product that consistently met our incoming QC standards, and still do today!

Mike Girouard

CEO & President at ASR SYSTEMS